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    Hot Mom VS Bear Kid, Six Ways Easy to Find

    Raiders with baby
    2019/05/17 15:49
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    If there is a "little devil" in the family, it will usually make a mess of the time which is very tense in the morning.

      If there is a "little devil" in the family, it will usually make a mess of the time which is very tense in the morning. Most of the children are like this. Whose doll may not be a case! How to solve these problems quickly and effectively will test the ability of mothers. See recruit and disassemble, six high recruit to just contact the little devil's mother, so that life is efficient, not crazy because of the baby.


      1. Get a music playlist.

      Get your child's favorite songs into a music playlist. Each task corresponds to a song. When the song is finished, the task must be completed. Children are happy to hum along, but it's best to make sure they don't get distracted or disturbed by anything else.


      2. Make a list of housework in the morning.

      Sit down with your child and make a list of things to do in the morning. Let the children also list their own ideas, so that they will slowly find out what to do in the morning and what not to do in the morning when they are performing their tasks. Most children follow the list because they find it feels great to do what they say on the chart. A lot of things have become controllable. When children confirm that everything in the morning is done on schedule, they will have a lot of confidence!


      3. Learn to pretend to believe.

      Some children are willing to take their plush toys with them in the morning housework. Practice with Mom or Dad and the little dolls on the weekend or the night before. In a scenario, you become a parent, and then switch to a child as a parent, adding some interesting elements into it. Some children need toys such as dolls to solve their emotional problems.


      4. Set a time for the game.

      Some children have a strong sense of time. Then you might as well set up a game-like game, so that children can efficiently complete the tasks in the morning in a limited time. If you have more than one child, let them play together. Whoever does it fast wins!


      5. Children dress up and put their clothes apart.

      For fashion-conscious children, it's best for them to choose the clothes they want to wear the next day on the first night. Put the fantastic clothes she loves in different places and the school uniforms in prominent places. In this way, it is difficult for her to quickly find out her favorite clothes in the morning, and she will not use the absence of school uniforms as an excuse not to go to school.


      6. Reward the children.

      All children like to be rewarded and strengthened actively. Tell them that if they go out early, they will be rewarded on their way to school or find surprises in their lunch boxes! If they don't, there's no reward.


      Ask parents to believe that it's not too difficult for children to do their morning routine work well. A little fun and interesting experience can make us and our children greet the beginning of the day with a smiling face.

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